Monday, 31 October 2011

Mulberry London Fashion Week 2011

The Link to the show

What a wonderfull collection!!

To me this reminds me of candyfloss, visits to the beach, carnivals and those fizzy 'refresher' sweets, very carefree and happy. I can however visualise a child like entity almost reminiscent, of past memories or of the past itself. The collection is highly focused on playfulness and beauty: collecting together embroidery with colour blocking, draping and beautiful embellishments.

My reason for uploading this is due to an assignment from University. Please let me know your thought on the collection, hope you liked it as much as I did.


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Alexander Mcqueen 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Alexander Mcqueen 2012 Spring Summer Collection (< watch it here)

 < Some Celeb opinions

I watched the video of the 2012 S/S collection the other day and I loved it!! The collection concists of mainly floral colours although there are some striking blacks, influenced by beauty and elegance Sarah Burton shows her feminine ideas and though process, aquatic inspiration and idea of beautiful sea creatures.


Well Done Sarah, Lee would be proud.

Vivienne Westwood shoes review!

These are images of the two pairs of shoes which I bought,

Both arrived in beautiful dark blue Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa boxes and upon opening the box I was met with the most beautifull and ladylike smell. The shoes are both 'sweetly scented'-  imagine the smell of 'Lush' (the store), amazing!

I can honestly say after wearing the shoes for around two hours each they have to be the most comfiest shoes I have ever bought! The shoes are made of plastic, but not typical plastic - it is very flexible and moulds to the shape of your feet for extra comfort.

I have many outfit ideas in mind for these shoes and will deffinetly be showing them of at University!

The pink shoes also come in black, and I have decided to buy these as a Christmas present to myself, they are Vivienne Westwood after all!!

Keep posted for images of me wearing my shoes,

Thanks for reading!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Vivienne Westwood shoes!!

I have just purchased TWO pairs of beautifull VW shoes! Keep posted for images and a review. I'm actually in heaven! xxxxx

Monday, 3 October 2011

My Gallery Visit

31st July - 17th October 2010
A major international exhibition of around 90 works examining the significance, origins, and influence of the Impressionist garden. This is the first exhibition ever to be devoted to this subject.
Events and activities devised in collaboration with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.
Exhibition organised by the National Galleries of Scotland and Museo Thyssen–Bornemisza, Madrid.
The paintings I particularly liked:

            Monet – The Lily Pond

This happens to be one of my favourite images from the exhibition. Monet is a great favourite of mine and I was particularly attracted to this painting because of its colourful nature. When I think of new ideas for fashion garments or fabrics I always confide in nature as I find it to be the vastest resource that I know of. This personal aspect enables me to appreciate the depth of this painting in terms of its inspiration and the beauty that is generated from it. To me this creation follows a mystical, dreamlike distortion. Although the subject matter is perfectly and correctly detailed there is an element of haze, possibly due to much reflection. The bright colours and vivid daytime sunlight give the perception of a beautiful day - one which is peaceful, tranquil and quiet. I also think this is why Monet chose to paint this image: it is pleasing on the eye and depicts the essence of summer.

Renoir, Woman with Parasol in a Garden

With this painting I was reminded of a film that I adored as a child – The Secret Garden. The film follows part of growing up through the eyes of a young girl living in a large house with her Aunt and Uncle, following her parent’s death. In the film the young girl dreams of her mother, this scene, to me, is depicted in this painting. Again, there is a hazy distorted look, as if the idea is from a memory. The colours are vivid and bold however, the great desire to see the woman’s face almost hurts. Though it is this desire that strikes human nature, we humans like things to be interesting, and Renoir knew all too well.
My exhibition experience:
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the National Gallery in Edinburgh, though it was not only the paintings that I found so enjoyable. I am a great fan of architecture and I found the building magnificent, full of character and charm – the type of place you would hope to see such beautiful paintings.
The entrance to the exhibition was ‘hidden away’, I am unsure if this was intentional or otherwise but I did feel that it added to the idea of a gateway to a garden. It was a nice touch. The exhibition itself was spread over several rooms, each painted to suit the mood, colours and style of the paintings, just as a garden would be suited to its surroundings. It was fairly busy with visitors when I was there, though nevertheless, I feel that this added to the excitement and enjoyment gained from the paintings, as you could share your thoughts with others.
There were many artist showcased, some of which I had not heard of before. I can honestly say that I enjoyed all of the work, I am a very subjective person, and did not have any problems or queries with any of the paintings. Not all of the paintings were summery and happy, some were dull and rather colourless though I think this added feelings and mood into the work and helped you appreciate the artist’s work both literally and metaphorically.
I was very impressed during my gallery experience and would definitely consider returning, as long as the standard is maintained I am confident the gallery will receive much praise both for the artist’s work and the execution of the events.

Friday, 9 September 2011

First assignment/i-D article - Through the eye of a Magpie...

This is not the actual layout of the article as I can't post word documents to my blog, But I will upload a photo of the real thing. Enjoy!

 Pay attention readers and get your designer specs on, its interview time! Here we have an exclusive meeting with one of Scotland’s hottest new BA Fashion Womenswear student  eighteen year old, Beth Johnston. 

Through the eye 
of a magpie…

For starters, what made you so interested in fashion? To be honest, from a very young age I was interested in painting and drawing. However, In High School I studied Higher Art and Design in 5th year and Advanced Art and Design in 6th year, it was at this time that I realized the natural flair I had for creating and designing garments and this sparked the idea of becoming a Fashion designer. I haven’t thought about anything else since.

Where to you hope to take your fashion career? I hope to work for a famous fashion house such as Alexander McQueen, and then hopefully start up my own label; But,I’ll take everything as it comes.

How do you feel about moving from Arbroath to Galashiels; away from your family and friends? Hmmm I will miss everyone but I am more looking forward to meeting new people and discovering new things. Plus, I don’t really have a choice, this is what I want to do so I have to get used to missing people.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened in your life? Well, I have completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards. For the Gold award my group and I went to the Lagurian Alps in Italy, we walked over 130 kilometers in 4 days. It was an amazing experience. I also swam for the Scotland in the Junior Swimming Squad when I was 13.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?
And why? Anywhere? Probably Paris, I have never been before, but The idea of the shops, scenery, cuisine and general atmosphere really attracts me too it. It’s probably because it’s a fashion capital, must be my subconscious talking.

Who is your favorite designer or designers? I absolutely love Alexander McQueen! It is a passion
Of mine to work for the label at some point. I also really like Vivienne Westwood and Ellie Saab.

Do you have a nickname or a word that people associate to you or your designs? Well at school my friends in art decided to call me magpie, they did have reason for this however as I adore sparkles and things that shimmer, like sequins and diamante. My mother uses another word for my collective nature and calls me ‘collecto’.

In your designs where do you take your inspiration from? Mainly nature, such as forests, landscapes and animals. I think I have a way of looking at some things that other people overlook, for example I think nature gives us perfect examples of    coordinating colours - you just have to look !

This is completely random, but seeing as your Scottish, what is your favorite pie filling? Oh! This is a toughie, has to be a ‘toss up’ between macaroni and chicken served with a blob of ketchup! Yum.

If you could be on ‘Come dine with me’ who would you like to be placed with? I would love to meet Michael McIntyre he always makes my cry with laughter, Lady Gaga because well, she’s Lady Gaga! And Vivienne Westwood.

In your opinion what is the best piece of clothing you have made? I made a beautiful asymmetric one shouldered dress inspired by winter, it had delicate detailing with sparkles and icicle inspired beads all over the bodice. I absolutely loved it.

Any other interesting facts about you? Well I actually have my own Business, it’s called ‘Beth Johnston Designs‘, I do general embellishments, some fancy things, and I’m loving it so far.

Friday, 2 September 2011

First assignment

Hello everyone! Just received my first assignment for BA Fashion Womenswear. Have to create a personal interview with an expressive image of myself in the style of i-D magazine. Exciting :) Here's an image for refference of the style. I will upload the image of  my interpretation when finished


Fashion never hurt anyone... except your feet